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Tips when visiting Mykonos Town with Kids

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would have seen than last month I went to Mykonos in Greece. It was my first time to Greece so a brand new country for me and Ruby and I had always wanted to come here. I think what drew me to Mykonos in particular, was the stunning beaches, cute typical Greek buildings, cobbled streets and white washed buildings. It just looked like a perfect introduction to Greece! Mykonos Town was the absolute highlight for me, the main attraction of this trip, which did not disappoint!

Mykonos Town for us was just a simple 10 minute bus ride costing just 2 Euros and Ruby was free of course! I mean you gotta reap the benefits when travelling with kids! There are also buses travelling every 30 mins or so throughout the entire island, so it doesn't matter if you aren't staying where we were in Platis Gialos, there would be a local bus stop near you. Ruby loved the bus, pointing at things out the window, smiling at the locals and making friends with other tourists and Greek kids, which was really cute. The Greeks are also extremely child friendly, which makes a huge difference when you are travelling here.

The first time we ventured into Mykonos Town was at around 5pm, with the intention of having a general wander, seeing the sunset and eating dinner at a restaurant I had previously made a reservation for. At this time, things are starting to crank up a notch. Meaning, tourists were flocking here by the bus load with the exact same intention. Sunset, shopping and partying. The streets in Mykonos Town can be both steeply sloped and filling up. So having Ruby in a buggy was starting to become a little tricky, or at least if she stayed put. It can be even more tricky when she decides, Nope, I want to walk and in that case it was gripping her tightly so that she doesn't disappear into the hoards of people flocking here. In addition, the shops do vary from your souvenir tat to high end boutiques, Ruby at one stage was trying to swing some glass Greek eye ornament. I got a major telling off so you really have to be careful with those toddlers in the shops! Not much room to swing a cat in many of them! Although I don't blame her for wanting to touch, everything looks so pretty!

(And yes I totally brought a glass eye thing and bag, not because Ruby broke it, just because its cute!)

We ate dinner here in Mykonos Town and I did a little researching prior to arriving so I could find a really cute place to eat. I decided on a little place called Kastros that was located in Little Venice and booked online, as many cute places like this have reserved signs on the table so you don't want to miss out. It was very "Instagrammable"! What sometimes comes with "Instagrammable" is totally not child friendly unfortunately. Now I am not referring to the food as they created a pasta dish suitable for a toddler, plain with tomato and cheese and even gave her a fruit shot at the end to say Opa! (Whilst I had the Ouzo!) so I would definately say the restaurant itself is child friendly. It's the setting. Pretty much sheer drop right by us. As a result we sat a few tables back and I made sure Ruby had distractions the entire time so that she didn't think, ah whats over there.. and into the sea she goes! So the Ipad here came in handy so I could enjoy the location, eat a fresh seafood meal and take it all in with a glass of wine without worrying AS much!

Following our Mykonian meal in this ridiculously cute place, we headed to the windmills or Windmills of Kato Mili. They are a true symbol and iconic of Mykonos and again a must see when visiting. From here at around 7-8pm (depending on the time of the year) you can witness a stunning sunset as long as you don't mind sharing it with a few hundred others! Think Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza, very chilled, stunning, (busy) and really amazing with the Windmills too. I would just say, take a cardigan. Mykonos is known as the windy isle and despite the sun being quite intense during the day, when that sun goes down and the wind blows, it was nippy!

The second time we ventured into Mykonos Town was by getting an early bus at around 9am, so we were there before any shops and restaurants were open, which ended up being a much better idea with a toddler. There were far less people for starters. Almost empty on some streets which gave us the opportunity to allow Ruby to roam and be free, rather than having to keep her close or strapped in the buggy during the evenings where some of the streets are so busy, which is quite tricky with a toddler. Of course you get the added bonus of being able to take uncrowded pictures, like empty shots!

It was surprisingly cool in the streets with lots of shady areas, cool breezes blowing past and uncrowded cafes to sit and have a drink. I even managed to find a shady spot for Ruby to have a nap in her buggy, which rarely happens! So other than the windmills, amazing restaurants and boutique shops there are a few more sights to see. One of the most impressive was a church called the Church of Panagia Paraportiani. It almost resembles a white castle and looks amazing against the contrast of the deep blue sky. Its free as well, always an added bonus when travelling on a budget like us!

One of the final things that we enjoyed about Mykonos Town was seeing Little Venice. Little Venice is exactly that, a part of Mykonos Town that almost appears to drop into the sea like Venice! There are many places to stop and have a drink here (Always overpriced because of their location) but it is great to have a walk around. Now I personally think this area is certainly NOT kid friendly! The waves crash up the edge and the path doesn't just drop into the side of the sea (not deep), but is wet and quite slippery! I opted to carry Ruby when crossing this part of the walkway, carefully! She enjoyed pointing out into the sea shouting "fish" but i wouldn't dare let her cross it unaided, I mean could you imagine!!

To summarise, when visiting Mykonos Town with Kids:

1) Its better to go in the morning rather than evening. Far less people, much cooler, more relaxing and you are able to take better pics and let the kiddies roam safely.

2) Take warmer clothes for nippy evenings, even if its stifling in the day, its not called the windy isle for nothing!

3) Try to spot "Pedros" the Pelican! A national treasure for this island and sadly we didn't manage to spot him. The kids will find it fun to look though!

4) It's really child friendly here with food. So even if the menu has nothing suitable, just ask for a dish. Every time i asked they did this for us, sometimes it was free as they are very child friendly!

5) Do keep an eye on them. I know this is obvious but the streets twist and turn and its easy to get lost or suddenly drop out into the sea! So although its beautiful, keep reins on them kiddies or hold hands for safety.

I hope you have found these tips useful when venturing to Mykonos with children. Do let me know if you have been or are now planning a trip to this beautiful Island!

Happy Travels!


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