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My Top 3 Family Friendly Festivals in the UK

Festivals! Something that you may be into, however they are a great activity to do regardless if you have children or not. Obviously it's a slightly different experience when you go without children as you can party hard and lie in your tent till midday! That doesn't mean that they aren't an equally enjoyable adventure with children. In fact I can honestly say they are all about going with children now and we even have our own wagon! Here are my top 3 festivals to visit with kids based in the UK that I attended this year.


With its fluorescent pink sheep, luxury camp areas and an array of activities for anyone of any age it is hugely catered for children. That doesn't mean it isn't catered for just adults with a multitude of beer and gin tents, headlining acts and dancing till dawn! The location is stunning, in a forrest in Henham Park in Suffolk and only takes a few hours to drive from London. Latitude began in 2006 and has been growing and remaining a firm favourite ever since. It won the title "Best Family Festival" in 2018 and caters for children of all ages right up to teenagers with various activities, workshops and music for all.

The area specifically for families and children is huge. From fairground rides to painting workshops, forrest based activities to learning about bees! kids honestly will not be bored here. We tried our hand at spoon painting, which Ruby thoroughly enjoyed and moved onto the make a jelly fish to hang in your garden at home!

Once you have managed to lure your child out of the family area, there are many activities for you to do or engage with to enjoy the festival too. With headlining acts that play throughout the day and evening to enjoy, you can slip away on your own whilst your other half looks after you little ones to enjoy a swim in the lake, watch ground breaking comedy or simply people watch with a cold beer - something i personally love to do!

In terms of the camping options at Latitude, there are a number of options. There are weekend and day campsites, a specific family camping area and a variety of luxury options. I had the privilege of staying in the latitude luxury area and I have to say, it was really glamping and came with hot showers and a pamping area!

Latitude luxury is a luxury ticket holder area only. It has accommodations ranging from Luxury Bell Tents (which I stayed in) through to bedouins, tipis, yurts and suites! There are many perks that come with staying in this area that include Free Parking, 24hr reception, chill out area with bands, luxury toilets and hot showers (A must!), spa and a salon, pamper tent and a kids cinema tent! Really cute if they're a little tired and need an area to lay on some bean bags and watch a movie! So many little ones took a nap in here - Except my child of course, she was just waking them all up!

Overall, I would highly recommend Latitude as an introduction to festivals with children. It is 100% catered for them, there is plenty for you to do too and it has a really fun and friendly vide! Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for the infamous pink sheep too! I recently posted a short vlog about my experience here located on youtube HERE.

2) The 3 Foot People Festival, Hylands Park, Chelmsford.

This is a much smaller festival and a festival specifically designed for young children only between the ages of 0-5. I had heard about it previously, however I felt that this year Ruby would be the perfect age aged 2 to really enjoy and get a lot out of the festival, although you can bring babies and there are many activities for all ages. It is a local festival for me, but because it is so popular and we had a fabulous day here I am definitely recommending it! This is just a day festival spanned over 4 days so you simply pick a day for your ticket and go (hoping that the weather is ok!) and there are no camping facilities here.

Once you are in the festival, all activities are included! From inflatables, sand pits and parachute games, to workshops, music and arts, which i found exceptional with their little village of tents to explore. Another really great aspect of this festival, is that all activities, performances and attractions are locally sourced, so perhaps you want to try your hand at a class before signing up or discover classes catered for your child, this is definitely the place to go. There is even a tent for changing facilities and a tent filled with cardboard boxes! We all know kids tend to play with the box rather than the toys at times! Its a really low price and parking just £5. I cannot wait to explore next year and will probably book more than one day as there are just so many activities, we didn't even manage half of them!

However my favourite was the Glastonbabies tent! Go and check them out as i was dancing just as hard as she was, with music, stories, bongos and even a foam party!


Wilderness. This festival is my baby! Since Ruby was a baby! We have attended this festival for the last 3 years straight and are set to continue! Since Ruby has been 4 months old she has fully embraced the wilderness charm and we have seen her grow and engage in many different activities from our visits. Even rocking her first flower crown and bindi aged 4 months!

Wilderness Festival has a vast and unique programme set over 4 days in a beautiful landscape surrounded by nature and the wild in Oxfordshire. It contains a collection of wild parties, debates, arts, families, gatherings and happening. From the infamous streaking at the cricket matches to sitting in a hot tub by the lake, Wilderness festival is certainly unique, but again, incredibly family friendly. I see many kids in catsuits, capes, glitter and wings to match laughing and playing, engaging in a new skill or watching a performance, I just love the Wilderness vibe!

Again, this festival caters for everyone. From the organic and sustainable, to the wild and partyhard people that rave till dawn Wilderness has your back! Obviously with children, there is a huge family area catered for children with activities for all ages from babies to teenagers, workshops and stories to lessons and play - another great family festival that would be great to try! I personally love to have my moment here and try my hand at a new craft. Last year I tried felting for the first time and created a set of unicorn ears and horn to wear! (Obviously for festival use only, cannot exactly cruise round Tescos with them on!). This year I opted for two workshops, with a free flower pendant Etsy style with pressed flowers to choose and create your masterpiece. In addition I tried my hand at a natural, fresh handmade flower crown!

A really popular workshop that was constantly full of people creating their masterpieces! In terms of food, again Wilderness has your back! Truck after truck, tent and car, there is something for every taste. From fussy toddlers that just want plain macaroni and cheese to the more rich Raclette and exotic Buddha bowls filled with organic goodness. It is famed for its selection of food and a true highlight for someone like me that thinks with their tummies!

Overall if you have yet to explore a festival post baby, do it! You will get so much enjoyment from watching them learn, dance and make friends and you can just eat and drink your way round, trying your hand at something new and listening to great music! Let me know if you decide to go to any of my recommendations next year, as I am sure I will see you there!


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