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5 Reasons why Koh Lipe is so good for young kids!

Koh Lipe. Most have never heard of it when compared to some of the other islands in Thailand like Koh Samui, Krabi and Phuket. This doesn’t mean that it is any less appealing, in fact it’s the opposite, REALLY appealing!

It is is located right at the south western part of Thailand and borders Malaysia so depending on where you are aiming for in Asia, it is pretty straight forward to get to with many direct boats from either other islands in Thailand such as Koh Lanta of Krabi but even closer to Langkawi in Malaysia so you can almost do both with a simple ferry between the two.

as stated in the title, I am going to give you my top 5 reasons why Koh Lipe is an excellent choice for nomadic little families!

1) The Beaches

Some of the islands I have visited in Thailand before, the waves and water have been beautiful but a little more deep and larger waves. Koh Lipe has that powder white sand, with the sea lapping gently at your toes. It doesn’t have that drop in depth and you can splash and play for hours with minimal worry as the water is so calm and shallow. You don’t need any beach shoes as the sand is so soft and you can feel it squeak as you walk along. It is also incredibly clean and not as popular with backpackers due to its relaxed vibe which meant no late night full moon parties and left over rubbish on the beaches.

We stayed at the at the far west side of Pattaya beach so was far enough away from the long tail boats but near enough to explore the island. Sunrise beach on the adjacent side is equally as stunning and I recommend either.

Ahhhh take us back! So this is my first reason why it’s so good for children!

2) The People

The Thai people are so lovely and incredible with kids. We were fortunate enough to encounter some incredibly friendly Thai people that were working at our hotel (I will talk about accommodation later). There honestly isn’t any part I have encountered that they have been unfriendly or not accommodating with kids. From helping board longtail boats with a smile, to playing sandcastles on the beach they are as they say the land of smiles! Koh Lipe is a great example where we had people give Ruby toys to play with, not charge us for her dinner and go out of their way for her to have her own mosquito net for example. So lovely!

3) The Accommodations

I'm not going to be biased, but we stayed in THE best hotel in Koh Lipe and I cannot recommend it enough for families with children. Mali Resort Pattaya.

Mali is a family friendly accommodation and is a selection of luxury beach hut style rooms with private outdoor bathrooms! They are beachfront in a cul-de-sac type layout with lush green lawns and benches with a bar. Food and drinks can be ordered from here and all accommodations come with a tasty breakfast included. There is access to free tea, coffee and drinking water all day long and the resort has its own loungers on the beach. The resort is a hidden gem and although there is no pool (we are beach lovers anyways!) their sister hotel located in Sunrise does! We used their laundry facilities, free bottled water in the rooms and they happily provided us with a cot and mosquito nets without hesitation. For children, they keep all the beach toys that people leave so there is a wonderful collection of balls, buckets, games for children to share and play with whilst staying here! The hammocks also went down a treat! I would return to Mali in a heartbeat and have been recommending it ever since we stayed.

4) Koh Lipe’s Walking Street

When travelling with young kids, it’s imperative to have access to some basics should you need them. Nappies, snacks, a pharmacy, supermarket and even an ATM. Obviously backpacking solo in your twenties is a completely different ballgame when you have your mini me with you. Koh Lipe has a stretch of street containing all of the above! From a medical centre, to a selection of restaurants, excursions or onward boat tickets, a large shopping centre to shops to buy arm bands for example you will find everything located right here! It makes a pleasant evening stroll too when looking for some Thai food or wanting a drink, walking street made everything so accessible and all walking distance from Mali, with a buggy too. It just makes backpacking with kids that bit easier!

5) Other backpacking families

There seemed to be a lovely community of fellow travelling families here. We made some friends, Ruby had other children to play with which made this trip to Koh Lipe that bit more special! I would say that the families easily outweighed the younger backpacking folk here and I can easily see why it appeals. I don’t think it was our particular week that we stayed meant it was popular with children as it was out of season, I just think Koh Lipe really does tick all the boxes!

So there we have it!

5 reasons that you should visit Koh Lipe as a travelling family and why I wouldn’t hesitate to go back! It isn't the most built up island, but not the most desolate. It’s mid range for price, frequent and direct ferries no matter where you are travelling from and that beach.. one of the best I have come across in Thailand!



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