About Me

How did The Unconventional Mum come about?

Since my very first solo backpacking trip round the world in 2010, my passion for travel really took off. After a year away, my desire to travel and exploration grew, wanting to see more, experience more and as a result I have travelled to over 50 countries worldwide from Nepal to Fiji and Vietnam to Iceland. So it's safe to say travel is and continues to be a huge part of my life.
In 2017, I welcomed my beautiful daughter Ruby into the world. Whilst pregnant, I was told that I should hang up my rucksack and that I wont be needing it anymore. Basically that travel would not be possible once you have children. I however was a firm believer that by having a child, my travels will not end and that I want her to be a strong part of that. Our first trip was when she was just 4 months old and since, Ruby has travelled to 10 countries and counting, making travel a huge part of her life too. Travel has created an incredible bond for us, taught her about different cultures, foods and playing with children where language barriers make no difference. We have hit milestones in St Lucia and survived hair raising tuk-tuk rides in Cambodia.

The Unconventional Mum proves travel whether backpacking, train journeys or luxury holidays can all be done with children and on a budget. Enjoy my journey and I hope I inspire and encourage others that you can also take the plunge and enjoy the world of travelling too (especially with children!).


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